Mini Polo Dress Up-cycle

Mein nächster Upcycling-Plan 🙂

Sew 4 Bub

I had bought 4 ladies polo shirts recently thinking that they would make good everyday wear around home. However, like sometimes happens, once I got them home they weren’t quite right for me (freakishly high neck lines  for a ladies shirt making my bust look really low – but that is another story). So the shirts sat in my cupboard, never seeing the light of day until a favourite little play dress of ours finally became un-wearable and I saw the opportunity for a conversion and to perhaps feel a little better about the unused shirts.

Here is what I came up with:

Mini Polo dress Conversion Mini Polo dress Conversion

Because I used the existing collar, cuffs and hem of the t-shirt, this was an extremely fast project, I think it took me about 15min.

Mini Polo dress in action Mini Polo dress in action

If you would like to see your mini miss in a mini polo…

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2 Responses to Mini Polo Dress Up-cycle

  1. Wie toll. Mein Mann hat auch diverse Polohemden ausgemustert, aber ich fürchte, meinem Sohn würden diese als Kleid nicht ganz so gut stehen.

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